Brazilian Samba dancer in London


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Belly dancer and and samba performer/ dancer, for events in London and the rest of the U.K.

Advertisements cleaners: a Big hassle for cleaners!


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I worked for over 50 clients for 4 months this year. I was treated like dirt by the non-agency they like to call themselves, because of a few clients lying about me and refusing to pay. In the end I texted the last one to express my feelings about his utter lies and accusations, mentioning I would get in disrepute with hassle because of his accusations. He contacted them and accused me of harassing him. They then decided to refuse me any paye AND cancel all my regular clients. The client had obviously no evidence to back his claim up, but they did everything in their power to act as his spokespersons/ lawyers. I had worked 4 hours instead of 3, without claiming any money for the extra time. The house was filthy and the bathroom tub and sink black with grime. The dog had left hair all over the house and the sofa. I took one whole hour to brush just the latter. There was no Hoover. I had to brush everywhere with a dustpan and brush. The clients were lying in the sun in the back garden whilst I slaved away for 4 hours. He complained that I had been late (bold lie), he claimed I had not done the dishes ( all filthy pans and dishes stinking of putrefaction washed by hand and put away) and that there was dog hair everywhere. The hassle people backed him up and refused to pay me, cancelled all my clients as some sort of sick vendetta.

Another thing they do is encourage new customers to book regular shifts, then charge the cleaner £15 straight away! Meaning the worker gets paid £1.90/hour for the first two hours he/ she does on a new job, without any guarantee that there will even be any further booking with the client at all. Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting.